How to whiten your teeth
How to whiten your teeth

Whitening Instructions:

Opalescence PF Tooth Whitening Gel

Custom made dental whitening trays can be the best  long term solution to whitening your yellowing teeth. Your teeth may stain because tea, coffee, red wine, and red pasta sauce.  Your best tooth whitening results will accrue after an adult dental phrophy- dental cleaning.

Start the whitening process by brushing and flossing your teeth.  This is to remove any food or plaque buildup that can cause uneven whitening or bleaching of your teeth.

Next, load a small amount of gel into the whitening gel tray from the first molar-to-molar on the top and bottom. Concentrate the teeth whitening gel towards the front of the tray.  Place the whitening trays in your mouth and remove any excess gel that flows beyond the edge of the tray.  Each injector holds 3 to 4 treatments for the upper and lower arch.

We recommend wearing the tray for approximately one hour.  This time can be decreased based on sensitivity.  Upon removing the tray, brush and rinse your teeth again and rinse trays completely. First time users may need to whiten 14 to 21 times and then maintenance treatments once or twice per month. Our Highlands Ranch Dental office now carries 35% strength opalescence gel for a 15 minute wear time.

Contact our office if sensitivity persists longer than an hour following bleaching.  It is not unusual to experience blotching on the teeth from the bleaching gel; this usually goes away within a day.  Again, feel free to contact us if this persists or you have any questions.

General Reminders:

·Please do not eat, drink, or smoke while wearing bleach trays.

·Do not whiten when pregnant or lactating.

·Foods and juices high in citric acid can cause sensitivity to the teeth.

·Coffee, tobacco, tea, red wine, and other products can restain your teeth.

·Store the bleaching syringes at room temperature away from

direct heat/sunlight.  Shelf life is about 18 months and All sales are final.

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