Our dental office just received important information concerning dental coverage under the Affordable Care Act, ACA, or ObamaCare.  As of January 1St 2014 our office is out of network with any dental plan offered by the ACA, and because the ACA dental plans offer NO out of network coverage they will NOT pay for any treatment at our dental office. Your Dental Dental card will say “No Exchange” PPO plan, with this coverage you will only have coverage at a Dental Dental PPO plan provider. This plan does not offer premier benefits.

Things you should know about your ACA dental plan. First,  for the first six months, only cleanings, x-rays and exams are covered. Don’t plan on getting coverage and getting a crown or bridge covered that you have been putting off for the last two years.  Second, after a six month waiting period the is a benefit for basic restorative, like fillings and extractions. Taking care of decay that only requires a filling is far less expensive that waiting till the tooth needs a crown.  Third, a longer waiting period must be met before crowns and bridges are covered. You should read the fine print of your dental plan before getting extensive treatment thinking it would be covered. Fourth, when calling to make an appointment, please ask your dental office if they are “IN-Network” at the Delta Dental PPO level. If they are a delta premier only provider, you will have no coverage at that office. Fifth, if you need a filling or crown, ask the office to call your dental insurance provider to make sure any waiting period has been meet and what level of coverage you have at that time.

It is always best to call the customer service number on your ACA dental card  to get a list of providers that accept that insurance if you have to see a network dentist. Please remember, are office is happy to see you regardless if you have dental insurance or not, but we will require payment at time of service if our office will not receive reimbursement from your dental insurance.  I hope you find this information helpful,  Brian R. – Office Manager, Highlands Ranch Colorado